Dachepalli is built by a group of passionate, innovative, relentless individuals, who are constantly striving to make shopping delightful for everyone by offering the widest choice of products, at disruptive prices, backed by unparalleled service to customers.

Customers First: We look at the world from our customers point of view. Every day, we try to understand them better, do things that are right for them.

Independence of Thought: We love asking questions and embrace unconventional ways of thinking. We learn from others but do not blindly accept things just because they were done that way before.

Pursuit of Excellence: We are never happy with status quo. We constantly strive to go beyond all established standards and limits. There is always a better way of doing things.

Opportunity Based on Merit: Ours is a level playing field with plenty of self-driven high performers. We raise the bar every day. We believe anyone can be a superstar, regardless of tenure, gender or educational qualification.


We are open and straight forward. We encourage transparency and accountability. We believe in breaking new grounds and we do it together. We manage ourselves and trust others. We don't know it all - so we ask questions and learn. Mistakes are inevitable, we make them all the time; it's important that we learn from those mistakes and make us perfect. We offer a working environment in which all our employees are given the space and ownership to improve this cherished customer experience.

While years of experience are always beneficial for a candidate, Our focus is to hire those who are able to consistently raise the bar and introduce a variety of innovations to move this organization forward. As we grow, we feel it is absolutely necessary that our employees are also able to grow professionally with the organization.

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