Value Added Workshops

Teacher training sessions and workshops for teachers across India providing them with the means to hone their skills in various aspects of teaching by the best of trainers on various topics such as classroom interaction, dealing with school curriculum, using digital products effectively, and many more.


At Dachepalli, we take pride in our efforts to involve educators, teachers, and parents in the product design process and incorporate their thoughts and feedback. "Evolution" is an extension of this association: through this forum, we engage directly with teachers to understand their perspective.

The "Evolution" forum is especially dedicated to creating synergies between educators and Dachepalli. Our endeavor is to collaboratively develop effective learning solutions and meet the evolving needs of learners. This initiative stems from our mission of enriching the experiences of learners that we connect with and working together to design solutions that make learning more exciting and relevant.

Under this platform, we engage with educators via our conferences, numerous workshops all over the country, and our periodicals.